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What is Competition analysis service and why is it crucial for the success of your business with respect to its online presence? Competition analysis service involves the comparison of your web site’s performance against other leading sites for your desired keyword phrases. This comparison gives you a clear idea of the current status of your website against that of your competitors. The analysis brings to light the strong and weak points of your website. You must be aware that Search Engine Optimisation is not a one time job; it is an activity that demands continuous analysis and appropriate tweaking depending on various factors that change from time to time. Therefore, it is best to engage a professional Competition Analysis Service provider to meet the ever-changing needs of SEO.

We, SEO Birds, provide extensive Competition analysis services to keep your website in the apex position of search engine results. Our Competition Analysis Service simply gets the customers to understand the core values of your business and like your company over someone else’s. We follow a comprehensive process to derive at the current status of your web site against your competitors. We then develop SEO strategies, based on the result of the analysis, that are best suited for your web site.

Our Competition analysis services use advanced in-depth marketing knowledge to not only deliver two-dimensional analysis of your web site but also provide time-bound action goals that can be implemented immediately so as to improve your ranking in the search engines with immediate effect. Our customised analysis-action plan methodology helps you reach your business objectives effectively. So, what does our Competition analysis service entail? Our Competition analysis service is aimed at analysing different aspects of your business as well as your competitors'. We specifically look for what your competitor does differently from you and evaluate your website against the differences.

Our Competition analysis services determine exactly how much higher on the search engine your competitor is than you and what made him get there. This includes the analysis of search engine ranking, Keyword listings, linking strategies and pay per click listings. After carefully analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your website with respect to the above factors, we will be in a good position to elevate you above your competitors. To avail the SEO Birds advantage, register now for our exceptional Competition analysis services.

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