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When the concept of SEO was in it nascent stages, meta tags were the most important things in on page SEO; they still are, however meta tag creation and optimisation have drastically changed in style and usage. Simply put, meta tags are lines of HTML code built into web pages that are used by search engines to store information about your web site. These "tags" contain specific information about your website such as keywords, descriptions, copyright information and more. Meta tags are among the many things that search engines look for, when evaluating a web site. This is why meta tag creation and optimisation are a vital part of optimising your website. The birth of SEO Birds' professional meta tag creation services has brought into play a more meaningful construction of meta tags and meta descriptions.

There are many a meta tag creation services providers that cram keywords tags full of irrelevant information. The actual content of the web site would be far different from their keyword tags. By creating keywords tags such as 'Britney Spears' for a site that sells disposal bags, they believe that if enough people visited their site, at least some would buy.

We, on the other hand, understand the importance and impact of meta tags on subsequent website traffic as well as search engine reputation. Our meta tag creation services are unique, genuine and boast an impressive list of clients from various business segments. So, how is SEO Birds' meta tag optimisation Service different? Our meta tag optimisation service follows a well-defined set of rules and guidelines that ensure the following:-

We understand that most search engines compare your meta content with the actual on page content. If your keywords or descriptions do not match the content of your website, your website can get penalized and suffer in search results. For this, we have meticulously designed a unique, fool-proof methodology for our meta tag creations services and meta tag optimisation service in such way that it intelligently incorporates the rules while creating or optimising meta tags. Sign up for our meta tag optimisation service at affordable rates and see your website race up to the top position in search engine results.

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